Course Description

This training explores the conceptual basis for documentation in a service setting. Trainees will identify various reasons why documentation is important, what kind of information is important for different stakeholder groups, and strategies for determining what should be documented. Guidance is provided for how to write objective and clear notes, and trainees will have opportunity for practice and feedback. This course can be applied to CPS continuing education requirements.


Program Supervisor

Patrick Montgomery

Patrick Montgomery (he/him) is a Program Supervisor for the Institute at Mental Health Partnerships. Patrick is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College where he received a B.A. in Scientific and Philosophical Studies of the Mind, concentrating in Moral Psychology. He has a combined 8 years of experience working in the Social Work and Education fields in Philadelphia and Lancaster County. Patrick received his Masters degree in Teaching from Relay Graduate School in 2021, and was previously a middle school teacher at the School District of Philadelphia before joining MHP. With a background in education and experience working with neurodivergent individuals, he aims to create and facilitate impactful learning experiences for peer specialists.

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